POCOP biedt een platform voor het verzamelen van

gegevens van patiënten met slokdarm- en maagkanker.





There is often an overlap in both questionnaires and patient population in POCOP PROMs and other projects. By partnering, we prevent patients from completing questionnaires twice. POCOP collaborates with the studies listed below.


19 maart 2021

Randomized phase II trial looking at the outcome of neoadjuvant therapy with chemotherapy and/or CRT before the OR in the treatment of gastric cancer


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18 maart 2021

This study investigates which combinations of cell-killing agents (chemotherapy) work best in patients with metastatic, or inoperable, esophageal or gastric cancer

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17 maart 2021

Study within anesthesia at UMCU. One of the goals is to inventory long-term effects of high-risk surgery.

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16 maart 2021

Comparison of paravertebral versus epidural analgesia in esophageal resections.

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15 maart 2021

Investigation of new treatment for patients with esophageal cancer adding a new drug (Bintrafusp Alfa) to standard chemo radiotherapy treatment

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14 maart 2021

How do patients with advanced cancer and their loved ones experience quality of life and quality of care

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13 maart 2021

Comparing "immediate surgery" with "active surveillance" in patients in whom no tumor residue can be demonstrated after CRT.

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12 maart 2021

Comparing "immediate surgery" with "active surveillance" in patients in whom no tumor residue can be demonstrated after CRT.

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11 maart 2021

Multicenter trial comparing laparoscopic resection with open gastric resection.

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11 april 2022

Study on the the effect of chemotherapy followed by immunotherapy on the tumor immune microenvironment in patients with metastatic or inoperable esophageal or gastric cancer with a mismatch repair deficiency.

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24 mei 2022

Trial investigating the effect of the addition of HER2 inhibition (trastuzumab and pertuzumab) to standard chemoradiotherapy in patients with resectable HER2 positive esophageal cancer. This trial builds on the results of the phase II TRAP trial, of which the results can be read in the following publication: Phase II Feasibility and Biomarker Study of Neoadjuvant Trastuzumab and Pertuzumab With Chemoradiotherapy for Resectable Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2-Positive Esophageal Adenocarcinoma: TRAP Study - PubMed (nih.gov)

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17 januari 2024

Patients with metastatic esophageal or stomach cancer participate in an exercise and nutrition program for 12 weeks. The effect of this program on the quality of life is being investigated.

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